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Let introduce myself. I am Christine, a 18 year old horse lover with an entrepreneurial spirit. I live on a little hobby farm where we keep our two horses, chickens, and dog. We are, as I like to say, first-generation horse owners so we do a lot of learning through trial and error which, along with my love for writing, is what initially spurred me to start a blog. Now I love having a place where I can let out all my pent up horse thoughts. If you want a unique and fresh perspective on horse ownership, you've come to the right place!

I also run a little business of sorts creating things. Check out Cowgirl's Boutique to learn more.

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Itchy Face

Lucy is a very satisfying horse in many ways. One especially satisfying thing is hitting one of her itchy spots. Unlike Caramel, Lucy never fails to alert you when you've found that spot with the nagging itch. Out comes a variety of faces and lip gestures that are enough to give a person the giggles. This particular time Mom was
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You Get What You Give

You get what you give.  Sounds like a biblical reference right?  Or maybe the title of Zac Brown Band's latest CD if you're a country music person.  But I'm a horse person so I'm going to make it a horse reference.  You see, this riding season has been eye opening for Lucy and I and if I had to sum
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What have I been doing?

Where has the time gone?  I missed blogging one day and all of the sudden we are in August.  How does that happen?  One of RTL's lovely readers, Julie, recently asked what have I been doing.  This was a very valid question of which deserved more than a quick comment back.  So I'm making a post out of it.  
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Trouble Looming on the Horizon

Everybody does it.  It's marked on the calendar for every 8 weeks.  It contributes to your horses' good health.  Some horses don't mind it, others hate it.  What am I talking about?   You guessed it–deworming.   What you may not know is that this typical deworming process is actually speeding us down a dangerous path.  Shocking, yes.  How could
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Freedom to Choose

Ask anybody who has been around Caramel lately, he is different.  It's not his looks that has changed, it's his personality (or horsenality).  He came to us as a sweet older gentleman that was always looking to please and never offered any talk back.  His downfall was that he was the classic right-brained introvert giving him the tendency to react
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Spring To-Dos

Spring has sprung, finally!  Along with breaking out the shedding rakes, there is a whole list full of things to do.  Here's some to-dos to get you started:   Schedule… Vet Appointments.  Spring shots and coggins should be done now.  Don't wait until show season has started and you can't load up your horse that first show weekend because you
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Writing Coach

I've always enjoyed writing.  Papers for school were no problem and when I picked up blogging over a year and a half ago, that also came very easy.  It's fiction that I've had a harder time with. After reading Jessica Burkhart's story in Young Rider magazine a while back, I decided I wanted to write a book.  For someone who
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Nuclear Reaction

Lucy is the herd leader here.  She can boss Caramel around like nobody's business.  In the beginning this created some conflict between the two of them.  Lucy had high expectations for Caramel.  She wanted Caramel to move immediately and move with impulsion.  Caramel, being a very methodical horse, didn't have that kind of response and certainly didn't learn what she
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Interview with Author Jessica Burkhart

Jessica Burkhart is the talented author of the Canterwood Crest series.  Jessica is 24 and has a 20 book contract.  How did she do it?  I was honored to be able to do an interview with her.  Read on…   CS:  When did you first become interested in writing?  What was the first thing you wrote about? JB:  I wanted
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Only Lucy: Scared Ya!

I haven't posted an Only Lucy in a while.  Because of that I'm going to make today's a special one.  Today's is a three-for-one.  Three Only Lucy's wrapped up into one big post.  What a deal!  Enjoy! The first story goes way back to my first full day with Lucy.  Lucy was standing in the cross ties and I was
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