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Welcome to Riding Through Life! Glad you found us!

Let introduce myself. I am Christine, a 18 year old horse lover with an entrepreneurial spirit. I live on a little hobby farm where we keep our two horses, chickens, and dog. We are, as I like to say, first-generation horse owners so we do a lot of learning through trial and error which, along with my love for writing, is what initially spurred me to start a blog. Now I love having a place where I can let out all my pent up horse thoughts. If you want a unique and fresh perspective on horse ownership, you've come to the right place!

I also run a little business of sorts creating things. Check out Cowgirl's Boutique to learn more.

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All Smiles

Ever since teaching Lucy how to smile about a year ago, it has become her own way of communicating with me.  Initially, she would only smile on command when she saw a treat was being offered as a reward.  If that was all she ever did, that was enough for me.  It made people smile, myself included, and she seemed
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Bowed Tendon

A year ago I looked out the window one afternoon to see Caramel in the lean-to, bobbing his head.  I knew immediately something was up.  I ran down to the barn and sure enough, he couldn’t move.  Over an hour of anxiously waiting for the vet brought a fast diagnosis–bowed tendon. Just the thought of a bowed tendon sends chills
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Potential Answers

Once again, it’s been quite a while without an update.  Life has just been so busy!  And unfortunately, there really hasn’t been any new breakthroughs as it relates to the problems I’ve been having with Lucy.  We closed out the riding season with the same extreme cinchiness and, in general, just a lack of work ethic.  I didn’t think there
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Show Season Recap 8

Show Season Recap in Pictures

I will admit, it’s been a bit of a challenging show season with the issues Lucy has been having.  But we have still managed to get out and have fun in the ring.  Here is a picture recap–enjoy! :)

The Drama Continues

I realize it’s been a long while since my last posting.  I would like to tell you that whatever was causing Lucy to act up has been solved, but I can’t.  Unfortunately, we’re still dealing with issues. I did have the chiropractor out within a couple weeks of her rearing up on me.  She had a ton out of whack
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Wild Ride

When you have a horse that is naturally very opinionated and can lean towards being a little over-dramatic, it is very hard to tell when you horse is in pain.  Tis the case with Lucy. Lucy has always voiced her dislike for being cinched up.  Therefore, when she came off winter a little more sensitive than usual about the whole
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Lucy Floating #12

Teeth Floating

Earlier this month we had the vet out for the horses’ annual spring check up.  Along with the usual shots and coggins, we also had their teeth floated.  We had never had any of our horses’ teeth floated before so this was a first time experience.  Thankfully our vet was patient with our learning and even took the extra time
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Right versus Left

Since I’m constantly writing about horsenalities, I thought I’d give you a first-hand example of the differences between right and left brained horses. For demonstration purposes, I set an empty chicken food bag in an area the horses would have to encounter as I let them out of their stalls one morning.  Then, with camera in hand, I continued on
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Lunging: Lucy Style

Lucy has her own style of doing everything, including lunging.  Normally lunging is used to take the edge off your horse, especially the high-strung horses.  It’s not uncommon to see a horse trotting or cantering around on the lunge line…in fact, that’s normal.  Lucy doesn’t do normal though.  She likes to go where no horse has gone.  This is her
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Weather Forecasting

Every morning when I open the big sliding door to outside, Lucy stands in the aisle and sticks her nose out the door.  She takes a big breath and lingers there for an extra second before pulling her nose back in.  Some people may blow it off as her just taking a simple breath of fresh air, but it’s actually
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